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 Welyflor is known for several years for the high and constant quality of roses it supplies. The main distinguishing characteristics of our roses are the intense colors, constant reliable quality and long vase life.



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Welyflor's farms are located at 2,850 meters above sea level at the foot of the Cayambe volcano. Due to the height and its location, Welyflor has the best harvesting conditions, 12 hours of intense sunshine, with cold nights and daytime temperatures around at 21 degrees Celsius. Additionally, in Ecuador, a perfect climate for roses growing is preserved, since there no climatic seasons we are able to provide a yearround constant quality.

In addition to these ideal climate conditions, nurseries also feature the latest technologies in the field of production and biological pest control.


All this, together with the Dutch know-how in high quality roses has made Welyflor a relaiable supplier of premium quality roses to its customers for years. We make sure that you acquire an excellent product that brings joy to the best moments of life.




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Welyflor has an excellent distribution network throughout Europe. Because of the constant flights from Ecuador, we are able to supply fresh roses daily. We also offer direct orders of roses in Ecuador.

Our distribution center in Holland is located in Amstelveen, at the edge of FloraHolland Aalsmeer. Thanks to its location close to the auction center, our customers receive their roses in within 2,5 hours after the order is placed at any FloraHolland location.


Welyflor also offers the option of ordering your roses directly from the farm located in Ecuador. Roses will be delivered to the freight forwarder of your choice at the airport in Quito, on the day you want, we will send them to any destination in the world, always being sure that you will receive fresh roses of the highest quality.

We also have a daily consolidation flying from Quito to Amsterdam. If ordered directly from Ecuador your roses will be delivered in The Netherlands 3 days after receiving your order. Delivery can take place at the auction, Schiphol Airport or at our distribution center in Amstelveen. These roses are packed and delivered export-ready along with all necessary documentation.